The Sunglasses Rotation + Celine Dupe

I'm a big advocate for sunglasses, rain or shine and when it comes to sunnies, the bigger the better. And with the current weather situation being so unpredictable, I tend to leave a pair of sunglasses in my gym bag and a pair in my handbag so I don't have a moment where I'm blinded by the sun. 

A long time favourite has to be the Quay x Amanda Steele Muse Sunglasses which are the most amazing aviators that cover up most of my face and make me look (slightly) like a bug but also like I'm a celebrity trying to avoid the paparazzi. It's brilliant. They also manage to jazz up basically every outfit ever which is ideal for someone who wears black 99% of the time.

But a fairly new favourite are these Celine dupes from H&M - I can't find them online but they were the last ones in the Manchester store and they have the same shape as these Celine's but were less than £10. They're massive and just look really chic and I love the gradual colour change on the frame. For a whim decision, not a bad choice.

Are you a sunglasses person? What are some of your favourites?

Ellie Dickinsonfashion, style