Tips for exploring London this autumn


Autumn can be a great time to go exploring in London, especially with Halloween just around the corner. Here are some tips for exploring London this autumn to help you out on your adventures:

Check out for any Halloween events

Autumn is the season for scares! Check online or in magazines for upcoming events.

Some Halloween events to check out include:

  • The Twisted Circus Halloween Festival which is full of death-defying tricks and sweet treats like candy floss and cocktails.

  • The Purge: Lockdown Immersive Halloween Party which starts at 8 pm and finishes at 2 am, and features an intense dance floor and theatrical atmosphere.

  • The Pirates of the River Thames Boat Party which is a costume party where you can hunt for treasure! Tickets cost around £20.00 to £75.00 depending on the perks you’re after.

  • The Candlelight Club which is a swing dancing event that features a zombie swing band and Halloween themed cocktails.

  • The West End Musical Brunch Halloween Special which has everything for people that love brunch, musicals, Halloween and unlimited drinks!

  • The Gin-House Burlesque Halloween Spooktacular which includes great drinks, jazz music and cabaret dances.

  • And finally the Haunted Mansion Halloween Special which includes a party till 4 am and everyone’s all-time favorite Halloween activity - the fancy dress competition.

Sort your travel out

Travelling can be confusing and boring to plan out. But it’s essential you sort it out before going to any events.

Choosing whether you can get on public transport, drive yourself, or book a taxi is vital before setting out on your adventures in London this autumn.

Consider the prices of all of your options and go with the most efficient, convenient and safest.

Group up with friends to reduce cost and actually have fun traveling to your destination, or go along with a partner for some quality couple time.

However you decided to travel, make sure you do your research on the best deals available. You can plan your journey here and check out this site for metro and bus day tickets starting from £6.80.

Purchase tickets in advance

Purchasing event or museum tickets in advance will save you lots of trouble. The London Pass gives you fast-track entry to loads of different attractions including the London Zoo, the Tower Bridge Exhibition and the Kew Gardens.

You’re spoiled for choice and you get to skip any long queues, saving you enough time that you can focus on multiple things in a day.

Find the right hotel or B&B

There are so many places to stay in London that picking the right one for your needs can be a struggle.

Price, location and amenities are the main things to consider when choosing a place to stay.

Here are two examples of good hotels to consider staying at this autumn:

  • With all the hotels in Shepherds Bush, the Dorsett hotel has to be one of the best. With four stars and two restaurants on offer, this hotel is definitely one you should check out.

The Britannia International Hotel is another hotel that’s top on the list. It’s only a 7-minute walk from Canary Wharf station and they offer whirlpool tubs!

Ellie Dickinson