10 Fashion Films to Watch This Year

We all love a good fashion film and I'm pretty sure I've watched almost everything on Netflix so I thought there is no one better than yours truly. Now, these aren't all on Netflix but some are just general because I didn't want to exclude anyone! But onwards.


Iris Apfel is quite honestly one of the greatest women to grace the style industry and considering she is now 93 and dresses incredibly well is something I aspire to reach. I love how unique she is as a person and honestly, this documentary makes her seem like such a lovely person. Think of your gran combined with Grace Coddington combined with the vintage jumble store of your dreams. 

Devil Wears Prada.

Because obviously. Just watch it. Meryl Streep is enough to make this film bloomin brilliant. A great easy watch and I love the reference to designers in it.

The September Issue.

This is quite an old film now but I love it. Although Anna Wintour is hard as nails, I love the behind the scenes insight into Vogue - especially for the September issue. If you haven't guessed by now, I love a good documentary-film hybrid and this is right up my street!

Bill Cunningham New York.

Bill Cunningham is a bit of a dark horse. Unless you really know your photography, he's not someone everyone will of heard of but he's probably one of the most famous streetstyle photographers and is notorious for riding around the streets of New York on his bike. Once again, an incredibly humble man who knows his stuff. 

Girl Model.

Moving into a different part of the fashion industry is the modelling component. Although it's much better today, this provides a harsh insight into the world of modelling and what happens behind the scenes and behind the glamorous Instagram pictures. Shocking but fascinating to see the side of modelling that we might not always be privy to in the West.


Okay, this isn't a documentary or anything like the other films I've recommended but this is probably one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn movies. It's not about Fashion in regards to the industry but the actual fashion in the film is impeccable. I love Sabrina's attitude in it and I love the style. Great for a rainy day.


Cliche but true. I love the 90's fashion in this and it's great for a girls night in.The plot is loosely based on one of my favourite novels but lets be honest, no one cares about the storyline.

Gone with the Wind.

Stunning. This is probably one of my favourite films of all time and honestly, the costumes will take your breath away. I love the style of the old south and just everything about it.

Coco Before Chanel.

This might be a French film but it's easily available with English subtitles. I love Audrey Tatou (Amelie is another fab film) and it's just beautiful to watch and enlightening to hear the backstory to Chanel - somewhat different to Lagerfeld's era. It's a throwback to when Chanel was all about the quilted bag and tweed suit. 


I've popped this in at the end because it's very much a marmite film so I didn't want readers to be turned off but this is great. Very much satirical, I love how funny it is whilst avoiding too much American humour. I'm definitely going to be watching this before I watch the second. The fact that the industry loves it so much also suggests some truth behind it but what would I know...