Feline Fierce Snow Leopard Makeup with @BootsUK #BootsBeauty (AD)

This post is a paid collaboration with Boots UK but all thoughts remain my own.

Halloween is just around the corner and if you haven’t planned your costume yet (mine has been planned for months), then why not go for a slightly unique take on the usual cat halloween makeup like my simple ‘snow leopard’ look! And what better time to play with halloween makeup than with this look!

I definitely prefer cool toned makeup looks as opposed to trendy red toned, so instead of a warmer leopard makeup look, I wanted something silvery like a snow leopard (and something that could definitely be enhanced with a bit of glitter!). As I’m absolutely not a makeup artist, I wanted to create something really simple but effective and something that would work for every face shape and style!

Start with your base. I started with a typical high coverage foundation look and did my brows as usual. This is definitely an important step as it means you’ve essentially got a blank canvas!

Shade with whites and silvers. Unlike a normal cat look, you really need to emphasise the white and silver details of the snow leopard! I used the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette - Warm Neutrals for both a matte white and a silvery shade. Because these are quite pale colours, I’d suggest spraying your brush with a setting spray so they’re more pigmented! Shade these colours across your forehead, down the sides of your face and along your cheekbones.

Draw the details. Using a black eye pencil (liquid or kohl), draw out your ‘spots’. Try and spread them out over your forehead and along your cheekbones as a sort of defining & contouring look!

Emphasise with white eyeliner. Once you’ve drawn the spots with black, accent them with a pigmented white eyeliner like the Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner. This will add another pop of white whilst also adding another dimension to the spots!

Shape the eyes. Using a kohl or liquid liner, emphasise the inner corner of your eyes by creating a cat like eye shape. To enhance them further, I also lined my eyes with black!

Nose and lip details. Using a pigmented silver/grey shadow from the NYX palette, I used a flat shader brush to detail my nose into a cat like shape and colour in my lips. The shadow is incredibly pigmented by itself but I did spray my brush with setting spray for my lips to make it last! With a snow leopard look, I really wanted to keep the look cool toned which meant that I wanted to use grey tones as opposed to black!

And voila! I’d definitely recommend adding as much silver and white as possible and if you have white face paint to hand, perhaps consider using this as a base! Let me know what you’re planning to dress up as this Halloween and whether you plan on using this for inspiration!

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