Summer Lips

Garnetfrost Lipstick by Mary Kay
Pink Orchid Lipstick by Mary Kay
Red Drama Longlasting Lipstick by Clinque

Pink Fruity Lasting Fix Lipgloss by 17

Glamshine Angel Sparkle Lipstick by Clinque 
Tea Time Tan Lipstick by Mary Kay
Toffee Waffle Lasting Fix Lipstick by 17

Mango & Papaya glossy lip balm by I love...
Mediterranean grape olive & nectarine Moistering Lip Butter by Boots
Lemon Citrus and Strawberry by LipIce

These are all my favourite looks for summer both day and night. Usually I can't be bothered watching my lipstick so I rarely wear it but I always wear lipbalm of some sort. LipIce lipbalm makes your lips tingle which is amazing! But the Boots lip butter is amazingly moisturising so is also one of my favourite.
My ultimate favourite lipstick is Red Drama by Clinque as I love the deep scarlet colour. However, if I was just going out for the day, I wear either Tea time Tan or Angel sparkle because they are really subtle.

I know this post is really short but there are a lot of photos so I hope it's acceptable :)