Jewellery of the Month

One thing I can never get enough of is jewellery. I always wear it no matter the occasion (ear studs don't count!). 
On a typical occasion I wear my silver Tiffany's necklace which is a simple pendant of two interlinking hearts. It's so simple and classic, which is my reasoning for wearing it on an almost daily basis. My standard earrings are a simple pearl, classy and elegant. But when I go out in the evenings or on the weekends, I love wearing chunky gold necklaces and statement earrings. They just add something to any outfit.
The jewellery is as follows:
- Fragile Gold Leaf chain by Forever 21
- Gold leaf and wing pendant chain by New Look
- Chunky beaded bracelet by Accesorize
- Gold bejewelled teardrop earrings by Forever 21
- Turquoise and gold earrings were found at a flea market in Thailand

I love wearing bold earrings to MUN conferences especially as I often wear a black suit. Earrings definitely make the outfit way more fun.