Fashion Feature: MANGO Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

MANGO is one of my favourite clothing brands!I adore the way they integrate urban street style with the latest fashions!  I therefore decided to post a review regarding their Spring/Summer 2012 collection! This may seem rather late but if you click on the MANGO advert on the left side, any orders over £30 get free shipping! 

You may notice that I have grouped various looks together by means of colour or style which will help me to summarise the overall patterns.

Coral and Salmon colours are incredibly popular this summer. Often paired with a plain top, they add a pop of colour to any ensemble. Above you can see that coral and beige have been used to provide a contrast and highlight the separate pieces.
The dress and belted skirt really epitomise the current pleated maxi skirt trend. As the same material has been used, the dress has a similar look to the standard maxi skirt due to the belt. 
However, I love the palazzo pants and envy all those who can pull them off easily! I love how elegant and simple they are; making any outfit appear sophisticated.

Canary yellow has to be one of my favourite colours of the season however, I can only wear it as a skirt or trousers due to my complexion. 
My favourite ensemble from above has to be the pleated maxi skirt. The style has been seen on Dianne Agron repeatedly and I love the effortless glam; it can be worn with a plain t-shirt yet still appear

Tie-dye shirts are a trend that I am in love with. The DIY feel adds a boho twist that I adore. My personal style is rather eclectic and I lust after the perfect outfit that intertwines a tie-dye piece.

I am currently craving a good blazer which I shall hopefully find when I go to Singapore (fingers crossed!). A simple blazer can dress-up any outfit and I feel that the dress mimics the blazer style.

I hate to blow my own horn, but I can really wear cobalt blue. It is one colour that I am guaranteed to look good in. I think it is an ingenious idea to combine a denim jacket with a palazzo jump suit even though the jumpsuit looks great as a stand alone piece.

Denim has really made a comeback and has caused us all to reminisce back to the times of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' matching denim outfits. 
But seriously, the pairing of denim with denim is a very hard look to pull of without coming across as a Britney/Justin wannabe. 
One thing to bear in mind is that if you plan on wearing a double denim outfit, buy the pieces together or bring half of the outfit with you when purchasing the other.  

Once again, MANGO has used the blazer to create that timeless effect. A blazer will never go out of fashion so I urge all my readers to purchase one! Go! Go! Go! 
I am lusting after that white blazer which is guaranteed to go with anything!

As I have previously mentioned, camel and beige tones are very much 'in' however, it is very hard to pull of an all beige ensemble without looking like a colonial soldier!

Shorts are great and definitely are a wardrobe staple. The combination of a longer sleeved top with the shorts really adds another dimension to the outfit; a touch of class.

This collection of outfits is slightly jumbled as it has no obvious theme, however they are all typical casual wear.
All of the above could be worn on a daily basis which adds to the appeal!

I do apologise for this rather long post but I just had to share MANGO's latest looks!

I now urge you to take advantage of their latest free shipping deal! Please go and bathe yourself in the tasteful styles that MANGO has created.
Go on, indulge yourself. I know I will.