Fashion Feature: Thai Designers

I figured that whilst I'm in Thailand, I should post at least one thing regarding Thai style.
Having lived in Bangkok for two years, I became accustomed to the street style which was pretty amazing. The majority of my friends went to the mall looking like they had stepped out of Vogue. There is very much a strong pressure on girls in Thailand to look good which was definitely reflected in their style.

Unlike many European countries, Thai girls dress in a very feminine way with lots of pink, frills and bows! However, they still look incredibly classy! One thing I noticed was how every girl over the age of 12 swapped glasses for contact lenses and donned their first pair of heels. I was initially somewhat incredulous to see such young girls dressed as if they were twenty but I soon got used to it. 

When I first moved to Thailand, my street style involved a pair of shorts, flip flops and a basic t-shirt (the horrific result of having lived in a beach town for eight years!) but this soon changed. Within a week I was trying to copy my friends which proved difficult as a result of my 5"9 frame in comparison with their size 2 4"0 figures. But I did my best. 

Transferring from Bangkok to Brunei proved to be a bit of a style wake-up call as suddenly I was surrounded by those who opted to wear traditional dress and lacked those mandatory heels!
Within days I was back to flats but I vowed to always leave the flip flops for the beach! 

One thing Thai style has taught me is to always look presentable and classy, no matter what the budget and that there was always a way even with limited funds!

As a result I felt it necessary to write a couple of posts regarding some Thai designers that I am a fan of!