Outfit of the Day: Styled Maxi Dress

I am completely obsessed with Maxi-dresses for summer! I love how cool (literally!) they are. Beach holidays are great, although I do tire of that near constant trickle of sweat down your back. I love this maxi dress in particular because of the material it is made from; cheesecake linen. It isn't clingy and has quite a low back which once again adds to the cooling affect. 

I often style my maxi dresses as I hate having my shoulders uncovered! As a result, I often wear a sheer crop top over them so I feel slightly more decent!

I bought the maxi-dress in a little shop in Manchester called 'Shout!' but it has been renamed to 'Urban Edge'. The sheer crop top is from Forever 21. If you want to see a close up of the top, check out my new purchase post linked below.

This is just a brief look at the maxi dress without the crop top to show the style and design. 

It's summer, that calls for a wardrobe update - fancy 

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