Summer Fashion: Handling the Heat

I hate humidity. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful summer day just like everyone else, but I can not stand the feeling of sweat dripping down my back, clothing clinging to me, or having to constantly re-adjust due to the uncomfortableness heat forces on me. Clothing should allow you to express yourself and sometimes the high temperatures can make it seem almost impossible to do so. Luckily, there are many different stylish options to combat the heat all at very reasonable prices. As you all know by now, I am on a beach holiday so some of these looks may not be able to be worn in the city!
Just like maxi dresses but cooler…literally. The high-low silhouette is super on trend this season and a great way to beat summer heat. Long flowy fabrics create a breeze within the garment and pairing them with a shorter hem just enhances this. High-low dresses can be found at every extreme, from long trains to super short front and everything in between. Also, because of their versatility, these dresses can easily be dressed up, for a date night, or dressed down, for a music or art festival. What’s not to love?

Shorts, and bottoms in general, are really taking center stage this season. Shorts can be found in many different styles this summer. From different prints, prints, colors, materials– shorts leave you with endless options for a cool summer look. With the right length, shorts can remain classy while still giving your legs room to breathe.
There are many different styles of tops this season to beat the summer heat. Crop tops are making a huge come back and are a fantastic way to stay chic and cool. These type of tops also provide an opportunity for a fun DIY project. Try taking some of your old tees and cutting them up to make your very own crop/cut-out top!
Whether worn alone or under tops, like the ones described above, bandeaus are the perfect solution to tastefully show some skin. Because bandeaus can be worn alone, they give you the ability to not have to deal with the inconvenience of wearing camisoles or tanks under your tops, which can really add on heat in the summer. A bandeau does suffice as an undergarment but it should not be regarded in the same way. Unlike a bra, It’s ok, and actually kind of encouraged, to have your bandeau show through your top.
Rompers, like dresses, are a super easy way to stay comfortably cool in the summer. However, unlike dresses, rompers give you the freedom to move around anyway you want, which can make all the difference when it’s hot out. Rompers are a  whole outfit in one and are effortlessly cool. With the right styling, they can be appropriate for a number of occasions.
Wide brim hats are not only super stylish but they’re also practical. The wide brim of the hat will give you the protection and shade that you need from the hot summer sun. Although these hats are definitely a statement piece, they’re extremely easy to integrate into your everyday look. For a feminine vibe, try a light-colored hat in white, tan, or a pastel, and pin a hair flower around the band. For an edgier look, try tying a scarf in a bold color or print, around a hat in a contrasting colour.
You can beat the heat and stay cool this summer without sacrificing style or putting a strain on your wallet. Which way is your favorite to dress for this scorching weather?