Five Things

So although this is a five things post, I added an extra which I couldn't resist including!
These are all recent to me and I hope you enjoy!

{I bought these little dark wood elephants at a market in Thailand. Aren't they just adorable?}

{I finally finished making my business cards! How amazing are they?}

 {Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my new favourite perfume. I spent over an hour trying to decide whether to buy it or not because it is alot of money. It was worth it! There are hints of jasmine and after letting the scent sit for a while it ends up smelling like freshly cut flowers! Yum!}
 {I luckily managed to snag this gorgeous pair of sunnies during a sale in Topshop. They are such a change from my normal style but these have a more chic element to them.}
{I decided to replace my old plastic containers that I had on my dressing table that held my various cotton products with these old jam jars. It looks so cute!}