Mocktail Madness

Today I attended a cooking class specialising in mocktails! I had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the opportunity to make some yummy and healthy drinks! I'm not entirely sure how they are mocktails as none of them are the classics; most of them are more like smoothies. 
The class was taught by a lovely bartender who even gave us tips on making them cocktails!  Needless to say that all of these mocktails are delicious yet so simple. 

{A blended combination of Apple Juice, Honeydew juice, Orange juice and 7-Up creates a Rainforest Magic} 

{Watermelon juice, Pineapple juice, Lemon juice and a touch of sugar syrup makes up an Empire Delight}

{Now this drink is my favourite; a Coconut Mango Bomb. Made from Coconut cream, vanilla ice-cream, milk, mango juice and ice, all blended together}

{This Carrot, Orange and Coriander concoction is made from simply carrot, orange and coriander!}

{Apple, Celery and carrot}

{Blend cranberry juice, pineapple juice, Soda water and vanilla ice cream to create Holiday Punch}

{Summer Memories is definitely a smoothie fit for summer with a simple blend of peaches, vanilla ice cream, rasberries and fresh milk}