UK September Issue Round up

The time has arrived, the September issues have been released. Are you ready?
I tell you what, I was so excited to see what stops VOGUE and ELLE pulled out but I was bitterly disappointed.
The covers were bland and the content wasn't fascinating and didn't tell me anything I didn't know. I was looking forward to revolutionary new content and experienced writers yet the writing came across as informal and basic. 
However, I did prefer the ELLE UK September issue over the VOGUE UK issue although that may be because I prefer Rosie Huntington-Whitely to Karlie Kloss. 

Androgynous chic is very much in this season but the extent in which you choose to take the trend is dependent on the individual. For instance, some may be able to pull off the whole look including oxfords, button down shirts and bow ties where as others may only be able to wear a simple blazer with jeans. I know for sure that I will definitely be investing in a simple boy blazer sometime soon.