A Polyvore Collection

Following my recent discovery of polyvore, I have enjoyed compiling outfit ideas following any inspiration that other users may provide. 
Here are a few looks below perfect for any summer or fall day!
[Don't you just adore the bright combinations of colour all tying in with the idea of sunflowers. This just has such a summery feel to it. Perfect for a day out in the city.]

[This look is just perfect for an evening out with the girls, not too dressy but still casual. I adore aviator sunglasses which add a boyish charm to this otherwise very feminine outfit]

[Now this outfit just screams city class. The simple monochromatic look presents the idea of a city slicker, very cool and collected.]

[Perfect for a day out in the fall. The comfort of an oversized knit jumper with simple acid wash jeans still provides a presentable front but still provides ultimate comfort]

[A glorious outfit for a summers day with the simplicity of a highwaisted short skirt and black crop top paired with sandals. The colourblocking here adds a fashion forward edge whilst still being in keeping with a simple look]

[The simplicity of the pastel colours with denim highwaisted shorts here is enough to make me love the outfit]

[This very hippie chic look would suit many of my friends with a gorgeous tall, stick thin figure; one that I shall be eternally jealous of!]

[This very Miley Cyrus- esque outfit really embodies the punk rock chic that she has paired beautifully with her new bleached locks]