Cara Delvingne for Terry Richardson

Cara Delvingne has already made a brief appearance on this blog, but she definitely needs more! Whilst trawling though  I came across a recent shoot of his with Cara Delvingne. Once again, she never failed to express her unique and interesting personality in all shots! Although I did like her eyebrows when they were slightly tamed, but her current ones are growing on me! Her cheekbones are absolutely flawless and the way she works her angles do take Terry's simple black and white shots to a more high fashion level (rather different from some of the nudes that other models do with him!). Immense amounts of relief washed over me when I realised that she hadn't done any topless or nude shots as I would rather not see yet another model be exposed to the world. What do you think of the shots? Do you like them?