Things That I Wish I Was Doing:

[I wish I was eating these right now, but no, control yourself. Do you want those abs or not.]

[I wish I was buying the latest iPhone!]

[Watching Mean Girls, my all time favourite movie]

[Sitting in a French Patisserie eating a Pain au Chocolat whilst looking out over Paris] 

[Exploring a quaint flower market]

[Eating anything with Salmon!]

[Eating frozen yoghurt with strawberries; my guilty pleasure]

[Sushi. Enough said.]

[Living in the Mediterranean] 

[Visiting the tiger sanctuary in Thailand]

We all have those things that we should be doing, things we wish we were doing and things that we are doing. Currently I am procrastinating everything by sitting here and writing an almost irrelevant blog post.
As many of you are aware, I spend most of my life on tumblr or browsing online shops and this means that I am forever exposed to beautiful things. Thankfully by inner shopaholic has been in control for a while. So anyways, I decided that you should all know what I wish I was doing, which is merely another form of procrastinating all the work that I should be doing!
But anyways, I must return to my mountain of work that will hopefully lead to me being able to do all of these things...
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