Ellie Update: Multiculturalism

[My brother and I in colour coded Baju's]

Today was international day at my school and it most definitely has to be one of the most colourful days of the year!
The wide variety of costumes that students would wear, really did reflect the cosmopolitan image of the school. I am so fortunate to be attending the school that I am and today only reconfirmed that!

Most of the countries that we all live in are becoming increasingly more cosmopolitan and are exposing us to a huge range of cultural aspects of various nationalities. This is an ethos that my school strives to present to the students; a key aspect of attending an international school.

For the day, my family dressed up in our take on traditional Malay attire with my mum and I wearing Baju Kebayas and my dad and brother wearing Baju Melayu.