Going Rogue

[Are You Red-dy by Maybelline]

[Hazard by Topshop]

[Hot Tango by Sephora]

[Red Drama by Clinque]

Red lipstick has always been a classic must have in any girls makeup bag as it can be worn day or night dependent on the shade. I personally own 4 different shades of red lipstick from various brands and they range from the orange spectrum to the purple spectrum. My favourite shades for the day have to be Hot Tango by Topshop and Are you Red-dy by Maybelline and my favourite shade for the evening is Red Drama by Clinque. Although some people may be worried about wearing red lipstick, everyone and anyone can wear it as there are so many different shades. BUT, make sure that you are very careful about choosing the correct colour, I would even recommend consulting with a makeup artist to the first colour that you should get. It may sound odd, but there is nothing worse than seeing someone wear the wrong lipstick.