ISWAI by Caggie Dunlop

The unique concept of ISWAI is unlike other celebrity collections and lacks any tackiness often found but creates a new chic look and actually involves local designers and provides the opportunity for their designs to be featured on the website!

[Envelope Bag in Coral with mint green detailing with an inscription reading 'You were all I could think about today.' £50.00]

Rebellion cropped white cotton t-shirt for £42.00]

[Feather Ear Cuff. £21.99]

[Agate Necklace with Bail - Gold. £39.99]

It Starts With An Idea or ISWAI as it is known, is an up and coming marketplace esque clothing brand. Currently it comprises of a select selection of t-shirts, jewellery and bags all of which are gorgeous! The brand, initiated by blonde bombshell Caggie Dunlop, practically screams out her indie boho style which is one that I am particularly fond of! I tell you what, I will definitely be picking up some of these items! My favourite has to be the envelope bag which is the correct size for an iPad and its unique and quirky design is chic yet very alternative. Similarly with the Rebellion tee. Skulls are seen everywhere from on Lucy Hale's instagram to tumblr to pieces of art, and this t-shirt embodies just that without being overpowering! 

Caggie Dunlop is one of my favourite characters from Made in Chelsea and I was almost ready to cry when she didn't return for another season but I am so glad that she is pursuing her singing career alongside the creation of a fashion label with a difference. 

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