Miss Vogue Australia

Kendall Jenner. Known for being part of the Kardashian-Jenner enterprise. Known for being Kim Kardashians little sister, but alas she has finally come out unto her own. 
From cheesy Seventeen and Teen Vogue photo shoots, Kendall Jenner has always been a pair with Kylie, making them appear almost inseparable. Although there is no denying that both girls are gorgeous, Kendall's tall willowy figure makes her perfect for a modelling career whereas Kylie is more of a beauty girl. 
However, I always thought that Kendall was almost too famous to ever make it as a successful model as a result of her family having absolutely everything, but her Miss Vogue Australia spread has completely changed my mind. On contrare to her full blown smile - all american girl look as seen on teenage magazines, she appears much more chic and fashion forward by actually looking like a model! This fact alone proves that although she is a celebrity, it is not a celebrity photoshoot- know what I mean? The likeness Barbara Palvin in this spread really makes me excited for her future work as I personally feel that the sooner she steps out of her sisters rather large shadow, the better. I don't think she could ever become a lingerie model but I do believe that she could make it in the fashion world, as long as Kris Jenner loosens the reigns and let her attend regular castings like a normal model. 
My favourite shot from the one above has to be the one where she is sprawled across the ground or the one with the hat over her eyes. Both are gorgeous! Good luck Kendall, I hope you make it!