'Tis the Season

Well, one of the most anticipated events of the year has come, gone and left a trail of brightly garish wrapping paper in its trail; Christmas. I know for one, that I adore Christmas but not just for the presents but for the excitement and joy that surrounds us when we see glorious christmas lights, the mince pies and mulled wine, the music, the fun and thought that is poured into buying people gifts and then watching them unwrap them; it is like nothing else. Christmas was slightly different out here as instead of the glory of snow on the front lawn, we experienced a scorching hot day that had us cranking up the aircon to the lowest temperature possible! Needless today, probably worldwide, the day was spent indoors unwrapping presents, eating and just chilling. Some of you messaged me on twitter and email and asked if I would share some of my presents with you! I'm slightly embarrassed about doing this, but as several of you asked, I shall abide:

[I am honestly obsessed with notebooks and own loads, but the one on the right is most likely going to be my new recipe book! - Yes, I do write out all my favourite recipes]

[This adorable selection of decorative tapes are so cute!]

[These thumbtacks are so cute and some are already on my notice board!]

[Just Bitten Kissable by Revlon in Amore]

[I'm currently obsessed with Amber Ablaze and am wearing it on my nails at the moment]

[I was initially really worried about this perfume as I thought it would stain but it doesn't and it smells amazing!]

[My new baby]

My family do christmas quite differently to others, instead of numerous gifts, we each get a large one and then smaller ones in our santa sacks! I would much rather do it as we do than any other way!