Five Questions

A couple of weeks ago I started to receive a growing accumulation of questions by email and twitter asking various questions and as several of them were so similar, I decided to do an overall blog post that covered them all. Of course, if there are any more questions that haven't been answered, feel free to email me again and I shall reply and try my best!

Q: What is your must have beauty product that you couldn't survive without?

I would have to say my tea tree oil (I like it from The Body Shop) it is great for everything. It is a natural antiseptic for any skin blemishes, bug bites and if you have any hair issues, dab a bit on your hands and rub it into your scalp. 

Q. What is your favourite body spray (Not perfume)?
Definitely Victoria's Secret 'Secret Charm'. I am obsessed with Jasmine scents and this body mist is so refreshing and is not sweet yet it contains those elements of jasmine that I am obsessed with. Plus, it was really reasonable to buy!

Q. What is your favourite perfume?
It would have to be a tie between Lady GaGa's 'Fame' and 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs. Their scents are such polar opposites with 'Fame' being much more musky and sensual whereas 'Daisy' is light and fresh! They are perfect for such different occasions so I can't really decide! I would recommend both even though I am typically apprehensive about buying celebrity perfumes, 'Fame' is so amazing that I would recommend it!

Q. What nailpolish are you wearing at the moment?
I am currently wearing 'Bewitching' by Revlon. I got this colour in my stocking this year but have never seen it before so I am assuming it has only been recently released(?) The colour is close to plum and the texture of the actual liquid is as other Revlon nailpolishes. I adore Revlon and it will always be my budget nailpolish choice.

Q. What do you look like with no makeup on and natural hair?
This is me and it is pretty much how I usually look when I am writing blog posts! Currently I have stolen my dad's GAP sweatshirt and am rocking a pair of adidas sweatpants. I sometimes think that it's ironic what I wear whilst I advise people on what to wear, or critically assess clothing collections, but I would never think to leave the house in such an outfit! These are my home clothes! My hair is naturally wavy if I brush it wet, but if I let it air dry, it forms these cute ringlets!

Now, I hope this has answered all your questions, if you would like to know more, please drop me a line or tweet me!
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