In All It's Blazing Glory

Blazers are everywhere and I mean everywhere. From tweed to linen, numerous high street store stock these beautiful garments. The prices range greatly from the ridiculously expensive Chanel blazers to the 14.99 H&M ones. The colour and fabric ranges greatly which justifies my need for more than one (in different colours of course). Blazers are often misconstrued as being formal, or can only be worn as part of a suit. False. The neon coloured jackets, hot pink, linen and studded variety are so far from formal that they allow us to pair them with something as simple as a pair of black skinny jeans. Tres chic. The reality is, as with most other garments, that almost anything can be considered formal if worn in a certain way, this applies to blazers.
These beautiful jackets have a divine way of turning an ugly, simple outfit into one that screams class, the look I was trying to go for. However, I tried to tone down any formality through the coral wedges and vibrant blue singlet. 
The white linen blazer is from Marks&Spencers, the jeans are from Indigo, the shoes from New Look, the clutch from Vera Bradley and the necklace from Tiffany's.