Emerald City

The Emerald City, a key component to the Wizard of Oz. A beautiful city that features walls and people all of whom are a gorgeous green-blue. Although I did not paint myself green or dye my hair, my empire top is what I believe to be the ideal shade of turquoise; not too blue, not too green. On a good day, it makes my eyes look green, however today that didn't work.
Recently, I have been stepping away from the more 'funky' and 'layered' looks that involve singlets then a sheer top with numerous necklaces and have been approaching a more sophisticated look. I think one of the main factors for this change is that I'm actually going to be moving to a city so will be able to get away with such outfits. If I was to wear this outfit in Brunei outside of a restaurant, I would look so out of place that people would stare. I must say, although I love the casual style here, I am much looking forward to revving it up for Manchester!

The top is from a market in Singapore, the trousers from Wallis, the wedges from New Look and the necklace from Tiffany's/