School Girl Chic

I'm not quite sure how exactly this outfit reminds me of a school uniform, but somehow it does. I reckon it's the tucked in shirt and high waisted shorts. Anyways, as something quite simple and chic this outfit is ideal. The simplicity and combination of the pieces make something so effortless, look so put together. The formality of the basic white shirt (a must have!) and the casual nature of the cotton shorts really do make an ensemble that could have been considered monotonous or boring, to one that is fun yet put together. I think the brogues really add to this outfit as the add a more androgynous element to it. Although the shoes look uncomfortable, they are amazing! To be honest, they are probably more comfortable than my slippers! Not really, but hey. 
 As I was only going into town, I only wore a basic pendent necklace but if I was to go out for dinner, I would probably wear some more statement jewellery!

The shirt and shorts are from Primark, the shoes from New Look, the belt from Dorothy Perkins and the bag from Vera Bradley.