Topshop Craving

Hello my dears! As many of you are probably aware, I am currently completing my final year of sixth form before I embark off onto a gap year in the city of Manchester in the UK. The fact that I actually only have two months and two weeks until all my A-level examinations are finished is slightly worrying to be honest but also really exciting at the same time! So in amongst the copious amounts of revision that I have been trying to complete this holiday, I have also been spending a lot of time on a website that is Now whilst I love other brands to equal measure, the website is a heck of a lot simpler to use that my other favourite brand that is H&M and Primark doesn't have a website hence, Topshop.

A couple of years ago, Topshop went through a phase of selling clothing that I simply detested beyond belief which caused my interest in the brand to wain slightly however, as of recent I have purchased a couple of items from there and I am definitely warming to it. So basically now that I am head over heels in love with Topshop, I have been spending a considerable amount of time on the website sussing out items of clothing that I need would like when I'm back in the UK!

AFFLEX Cut out Shoeboot
KATZ Cut out Strap Shoes
Zig Zag Beanie
Premium 3D Flower Lace Shirt
Eyelash Lace Crop Top
Lace Collar Shell Top
Lace Insert Maxi Skirt
Clean Biker Jacket
Slouchy Pointelle Jumper
MOTO Bleach Acid Leigh Jeans

Pictures below:

I am sincerely hoping that Primark will have items similar to the ones above but these are definitely some of my favourites! What do you guys think?