As you all are probably aware by now, I develop girl crushes on a rather regular basis and due to the copious amounts of time that I spend on tumblr, I have been discovering a couple of new up and coming models such as Amelia Zadro.

Not only is the stunning Australian model only 17, but she has an adorable fresh faced look to her that is undoubtedly high in demand. 

The brunette beauty has featured in several editorial pieces already in Japanese magazines and I have no doubt that we will start to see big things from her (as if being signed with Priscilla's wasn't enough!) The cute factor is definitely growing in appeal with models such as Barbara Palvin rocketing to fame with L'Oreal campaigns and her infamous stint with Victoria's Secret and I would not be surprised if Zadro lands herself a beauty campaign as he flawlessly freckled skin is bound to get her somewhere.

But what do you think? Are you in love with her as much as I am? 

Seeing the likes of Samie Robinson, another Australian model, slowly build up her career in places like Milan and Korea, I definitely hope that Amelia also revels in this and soon enhances her already stunning portfolio. Do you see big things for her?