[A birthday assortment and the key chain which reads 'Keep Calm and Carry On Shopping' is for when I'm in the UK and actually need one! A very exciting prospect!]

[Aren't these cards simply beautiful? I still have cards from my sixteenth and seventeenth birthday!]

[The present from my parents alongside driving lessons. Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite movies and the musical was absolutely amazing!]

[The Elsa Peretti open heart necklace from Tiffany's was a collective present from both my Grandma and Aunty and Uncle. Isn't it beautiful!]

As many of you who follow my various social network sites know, I turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago! Unfortunately my birthday always seems to coincide with exams and such but I managed to have a lovely birthday dinner with my family at a gorgeous italian restaurant!

Now, I know many of you are as nosey as I and adore hauls and as it was requested that I did a Christmas haul, I figured that many of you would like to see what I got given on my birthday!

One of my favourite things about birthdays has to be the cards, don't laugh but they are always so pretty and I do fall in love with them if they're glittery, in fact I still have cards from both my sixteenth and seventeenth birthday because who doesn't love pink glitter?