Soap Suds

[You can probably see that I've been using these ALOT. They're almost finished!]

One thing that I am most definitely obsessively compulsive about it cleanliness and personal hygiene. I simply love soaps and body washes and fragrances that smell divine, the slight fragrance lingering on your skin throughout the day. There is something magical about the scent of jasmine clinging to your skin; it never fails to brighten my day!

Due to my sensitive skin, I am a particular fan of The Body Shop especially as they also have an against animal testing policy that is definitely a good move! The Body Shop is in abundance in Brunei and as a result, I have made my way through innumerable body washes from various collections. However, my current three scents on the go are the Japanese Cherry Blossom, Neroli Jasmine and Dreams Unlimited. Alongside each body wash I have a fragrance of some degree whether it be body mist or perfume and the body butter for the Japanese Cherry Blossom. 

As an individual, I am not one for sweet scents but prefer more floral undertones which is why the three above shower gels are my favourite! I am however struggling to find body washes that aren't sweet smelling as apparently those are in fashion at the moment (a battle I also face with perfume)

Alongside each body wash, I hold an obsession for body mists; Victoria's Secret ones being my particular favourite! But yet again, many are sweet. However, on my quest to find one that didn't make me gag, I settled on 'Secret Charm' alongside the beautifully luxurious body butter which is to die for! The body fragrance has jasmine undertones which has to be one of my favourite smells (in case you hadn't worked that out) there is something so light and summery about the smell as well!

Aside from 'Secret Charm', I also adore Coconut Sugar and Delicate Petals which are also subtle smells perfect for summer. I am often wary of coconut smelling products as sometimes they can make you smell like Banana Boat sun lotion but that is definitely not the case with this! I love love love it!

What are your favourite scents and body washes at the moment?
Ellie Dickinson