Fresh Faced and Natural

I am a firm believer that foundation and concealer should not be worn on a daily basis and should not need to be worn due to the clogging effect that it has on pores, however we do all have our rough patches were we could use a little coverage! I am completely guilty of sleeping in my makeup which is something I swore would never happen but it always does especially when I get home late and all I want to do is crawl under my duvet and go to sleep. Now I always find myself regretting this the next day when my skin decides to have it's revenge by breaking out. I do have a couple of little cures for this, most of them natural because no matter what the bottles say, chemicals are not always the best way!

The pictures above show my standard cleansing products: Simple oil balancing exfoliating skin wash, No7 intensive care mask, Biore pore pack and Superdrug tea tree & avacado clay face mask.

However, the only products I use on a daily basis are the simple skin wash by simply applying it to a flannel and washing my face in the morning and evening (a great tool to wake me up!)

Mask wise, I alternate weekly between the Superdrug one and No7. The Superdrug avacado and tea tree oil clay mask can also be bought in a squeezy bottle but because I wanted to try it out, I bought several packets! The No7 mask is far more intensive and moisturising which is definitely something necessary for my often dry skin! It is more pricey than the cheap clay mask but it has lasted me a good year because you hardly need any!

The Biore pore pack I only tend to use when my pores are visible so that can either be weekly or monthly, completely dependent on what my skin decides to look like in the morning. I have read mixed reviews on it, some saying it's brilliant and others not so much, but it is very self satisfying to have an almost completely clear t-zone after using it! I would highly recommend purchasing it!

What are your go to skin products? Any recommendations?

Ellie Dickinsonbeauty