My normal everyday makeup look is something that many people requested I share and back when I made youtube videos, I did film a tutorial however I deleted it. But I decided to do a written explanation that hopefully makes sense!

For basic coverage, I blend a little bit of foundation and an intensive moisturiser to form a light tinted moisturiser that provides light coverage without being too heavy on my skin. Following that, I apply green tinted concealer which counters redness, under my eyes and on any breakouts.

For my eyes, I sweep a shimmery gold over the entire lid and a more chesnut brown in the corner and using a blending brush, I create a gradient. The combination of a matte and shimmery eye shadow colour really tones it down. Underneath my eyebrow I tend to use a silver/yellow shadow as a highlight but I would recommend Nars highlighter despite it being liquid. 

Instead of a pencil eyeliner, I use an angled brush and a dark brown eyeshadow on my lashline which mimics the effect of eyeliner but softens it significantly. In the corner of my eyes, I smudge white eyeshadow which helps to brighten everything up especially if it's early in the morning and I look tired! I like using the Maybelline Falsies mascara in brown/black on my upper lashes but leave my lower ones as they are. 

Some people may also pencil in their eyebrows but as mine are quite heavy, I don't see the need and leave them as they are! Just make sure they are shaped well.

And finally, on my lips I use Topshop's 'Rumour Has It' nude lipstick and depending on the occasion, sometimes apply L'Oreal Angel Shimmer lipgloss on top for a multilayered effect.

Products I use: Rimmel 16 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation, Sephora Concealer, H&M Eyeshadow palette, Maybelline Falsies mascara, Topshop Rumour Has It lipstick and L'Oreal Angel Shimmer lipgloss.