Outfit of the Day: Trip into Manchester

Hello, hello, hello!

Long time no speak, eh?

I'm so sorry for the delay in posting but I've recently moved back to the UK (yay) so everything has been rather hectic, so please forgive me! 

Due to this rather busy time, I've been hopeless with actually taking OOTD photos but managed to find a spare moment for one on polyvore which is my new addiction; the link for mine is in the right hand column if you would like to give me a quick follow!

  1. Rolling Stones band t-shirt from Primark
  2. H&M Textured Jersey Skater Skirt
  3. Leather ankle wedge boots from Next
  4. Aviator sunglasses from H&M
  5. Wool Pork Pie Hat from H&M
  6. Structured tote
I promise to be much more competent with my posting as a couple of you mentioned my lack of and tomorrow I shall be posting an updated room tour as I've moved countries and therefore have a new room!

Thank you for bearing with me!