Autumn Hair

[Loosely curled hair and a spritz of texturiser to relax the curls]

[Tied back curls into a side pony - very convenient if you couldn't be bothered to wash last night's curls out!]

[A side plait. Yet again, a quick and easy option to put that volumised hair to use!]

One thing is for certain, summer is definitely over. With days growing shorter and consecutively shorter, with nights darker and mornings fogier, it is time to break out those beanies and coats because winter is coming and it's going to be a cold one.

Having been back in the UK for little under two months, a primary element that differs to Asia is the wind. Although the days are cool, it is really the wind that chaps those lips and chafes the nose. 

In short, it is time to tie up the hair or opt for a more wind-resistant hairstyle. I waved goodbye to my normally straight hair and said hello to my natural waves (enhanced by hairspray and a curling wand).

Based upon the pouring rain before, I know that I shall be opting for more tied back or messy hair styles, because whats worse than straight hair gone frizzy!