Whats in My Bag?

One of my favourite things about living in the UK has to be charity shops. These little shops are often known for carrying absolute rubbish but you can be sure to find the occasional gem as I did with my Mulberry Alexa similar.

Near where I work, there are numerous charity shops and I happened to see this beauty in the window only to then buy it. The satchel, slouchy style is absolutely perfect and I could not be happier although in the week that I've had it, it has filled with significant amounts of clutter!

I normally carry my Cath Kidston purse, iPod (a necessity for buses), lip balm, hair bobbles, sunglasses, keys, iPad and a couple of pens which always seem to be in demand.

Thankfully, due to the new nature of the bag, it isn't too stuffed full of rubbish and I aim to keep it that way (fingers crossed!)
Ellie Dickinsonwhats in my bag