Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy!

One trend that is becoming increasingly more prominent is fluffy jumpers. Now at first I was rather apprehensive - who truly has the desire to wear such a thing? But much alike my previous dislike of high waisted jeans, I have slowly come to love them.

As the days grow cooler, and days shorter it is definitely becoming 'sweater weather' and these fluffy (and oh so adorable) jumpers seem to be the perfect option if cable knit is really not appropriate for the current mood or mindset. 

So after scrounging the internet, I have pulled together a couple of my favourite fluffy jumpers from highstreet brands that we all love.

Pom-pom bobble jumper from Apricot.

Monochromatic striped jumper from Dorothy Perkins

Fluffy cardigan from H&M

Sequinned jumper from Miss Selfridge

V-neck jumper from Topshop.

Are you feeling the new trend or is it a bit too out there for you?

Ellie Dickinsontrend