Autumn Wish List - Bags

A prominent trend as seen in recent fashion shows has been satchel bags and mini backpacks which has once again ignited a desire to spend my entire bank balance on bags that I can neither afford nor will use sufficiently - alas is the problem of a student.

But the price of such designer bags cannot stop me from wanting them, so I compiled a short wishlist which really should be titled "Things I shall never own but want all the same".

I have been in love with Mulberry for as long as I can remember seeing their Bayswater purse adorning the arm of a beloved celebrity and needless to say that their newest collection has really tested the strength of my purse strings. The Del Rey (2.) - inspired by indie musical sweetheart Lana Del Rey - is a favourite as it remains so classic and simple, a difference to its Alexa bag (of which I constantly lust after). The Effie satchel (3.) is another everyday bag that I wish belonged in my wardrobe, alas it doesn't and unfortunately nor does the H&M similar that sold out within a matter of weeks. I had my chance and missed it, but that is the luck of the draw.

Now, I keep banging on about the new Punk trend and along with that is the common appearance of mini backpacks - a throwback from the late 90's, early 2000 where I'm almost certain that my 5 year old self had a couple as well as her barbies. One of the main reasons why I don't have the affordable Mini Patent Backpack from Topshop (5.) - a dead ringer for the far less affordable Chanel bag - is that I wouldn't use it. I unfortunately have not used a backpack since I completed my Duke of Edinburgh award and doubt that I shall ever need one again, (I believe a round of applause is necessary for my self control here). 

What is your favourite bag of the season?

//1. YSL Duffel Bag in 6 // 2. Mulberry Del Rey // 3. Mulberry Effie Satchel // 4. Givenchy Antigonia Tote // 5. Topshop Mini Patent Backpack // 6. Topshop Plated Holdall //