Vogue's Fashion's Night Out - Hervia & The Arndale

On Thursday October 10th, I was fortunate enough to attend a couple of events as part of Vogue's Fashion's Night out in Manchester.

I was very fortunate to be wearing an amazing black chiffon playsuit and metal accented heels from ASOS which were the perfect combination of relaxed, casual style whilst still being dressy. 

To be honest, as I had never attended such an event before, I was unsure as what I should expect but I was pleasantly surprised by what was on offer. After meeting up with a friend, Olivia for a quick bite at Nandos, we tottered off to Spring Gardens for the first event of the evening at Hervia.

Hervia Bazaar is a designer boutique located on Spring Gardens, just off Market Street that stocks brands such as Comme des Garcon and Jeremy Scott and many pieces from the new collection were on display! We were greeted by an amazing display of Asian sweets - some which brought back waves of nostalgia from my childhood in Malaysia! After browsing the store for a good portion of time, we grabbed a drink, chatted and moved on to our next location; H&M.

H&M on Market Street was set up much like a movie premiere, with red carpet and flood lighting, and Olivia and I took advantage of the photo booth, throwing in some of the props on display such as hats and fur coats, resulting in several silly photos.

Following numerous selfies, photos, drinks and conversations with various other attendees, Olivia and I retreated to the Arndale centre for a coffee and relax at the end of the evening - a very necessary come down after the constant buzz of the evening.

The night eventually drew to a close, with my taking off my ASOS heels and swapping into a pair of flats and eventually traipsing back home, arms laden with goodybags.