Vogue's Fashion's Night Out: Asos

I was fortunate to attend Vogue's Fashion's Night Out this year and it was a day unlike any other!

Wearing head to toe Asos, aside from my bag, I opted to walk to the train station in a pair of flats instead of the Hong Kong Heels (which were rather tricky to walk in, I must say!), and made my way into the city centre where I met a friend for a quick bite to eat before meandering our way down from the Arndale centre to Spring Gardens for our first event of the evening at a boutique called Hervia. Due to a busy schedule and not much time, we didn't spend huge amounts of time but spent long enough browsing the latest collections and enjoyed a quick drink and a bite to eat. All in all, it was a good hour spent, a nice evening and a decidedly nice shop.

Following the detour to Hervia, we moved on to H&M where we enjoyed our fifteen minutes (or should I say five) of fame in the photobooth, contorting our faces into silly faces to our hearts content! Check out my instagram for the photo; it was definitely a good laugh!

After Hervia and H&M came Selfridges which was absolutely jam packed! Yet again, we took our time wandering around the store, sampling the free food and drinks but eventually gave up squeezing in between the increasingly large number of intoxicated individuals and retreated to Starbucks, in time for a latte and a moment to rest now aching feet - heels are definitely not designed for comfort! 

And that my friends, was the end of our evening in Manchester. Make sure you follow my instagram for real time updates at any future fashiony events!