You're Never Too Old To Wear a Pinafore!

One thing that has always been a personal struggle is finding the willingness to step outside my comfort zone - something that has been experienced by many my age. This was echoed when I was sent a velvet pinafore, which is undoubtedly gorgeous but something I would never buy or even consider wearing! But it is truly hard to say no to something that arrives on your doorstep so I ventured into the unknown and can now truthfully say that I am in love.

Velvet is back and wearing this velvet pinafore from ASOS along with a longsleeved black top from BooHoo (with the very necessary tights) is ideal for the 'warmer' autumn days as jeans do get tiresome. To add a more casual edge, these Comme des Garcons converse from Hervia were the perfect solution; the whole outfit coming together as more sporty casual, without making me look like I belonged in playschool.

ASOS is the perfect website to find affordable and on trend pieces so I would highly recommend that you head over to their website and have a look around - of course there is the added bonus of free shipping which no one can say no to!

Happy halloween!