'I like seeing the world with a pretty pink tint to it': Leith Clark and Warby Parker Collaboration

The new Leith and Warby Parker collaboration is something of dreams.

Those are the only words to describe the collection.

Leith Clark has said that she likes the 1960s, librarians and nerdy schools as well as pearls, brass and opera glasses - themes that are definitely present in the collection. The first words that spring to mine are feminine with school girl influences - vintage without being gaudy - librarian chic.

Inspired by writer and actress Zoe Kazan (see picture), the anglo-centric esque collection is definitely one of the most recent fashion highlights in my books not only because of the stunningly elegant designs but because of the percentage profits of the collection that go towards Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation campaign.

As a glasses wearer, I have never been so excited for a new pair of frames!

Head over to warbyparker.com to have a look at their eyeglasses and sunglasses.