Long Haul Travel Essentials

As many of my twitter followers know, tomorrow I fly off to Brunei for a much needed break! Manchester has been absolutely amazing, but I'm definitely ready to see my parents and brother!

Growing up abroad has helped me with a lot of things, one being preparedness for long-haul flights (my one to Brunei is 12 hours! Yikes!)

My ultimate travel bag is my longchamp le pilage tote bag as it is large enough to fit everything I could possibly need! Although most flights have personal televisions, a magazine is a necessity for airport waiting time which can be incredibly boring, hence the headphones.

Traveling always dries out my skin so I would recommend a mini packet of face wipes as it helps to freshen up your skin without it flaking or drying out too much. Carmex is my current go-to lip balm as it contains menthol so makes your lips tingle - providing an instant refreshing effect! (Don't forgot to put both into a zip-lock bag or they'll be confiscated)

What are your travel essentials?

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