"I'm Cold."

If you know me, you'll know that my current favourite phrase is "I'm cold." Because, its well, true. 

Winter is most definitely present and I'm suffering from those nasty colds, coughs, dry hands and chapped lips but decided to share some must have essentials for those chilly days.

I have never ever suffered from dry hands until recently when I found my skin had even started to flake slightly (yikes!) so I decided to try Hand Food which is a Soap & Glory product of which I am now obsessed with! Unlike many hand creams and body butters, its not overly scented but smells of shea butter which is simple and perfect for my needs. There was no lotion residue whatsoever and it was quickly absorbed into my skin. Would definitely recommend!

Carmex lip balm is an absolute must buy. It contains menthol which makes your lips tingle pleasantly but is also incredibly moisturising. Because its in a tube, it contains far less bacteria and doesn't rub off as quickly! I'm prone to losing lip balms but fortunately have managed to finish an entire tube without losing it!

The last item, Bleach London's Reincarnation hair mask is something I find necessary rain or shine, probably because I am guilty of using a lot of heat in my hair! I whacked it on for an hour whilst I watched the Great British Bake Off Sports Relief the other night and my hair felt like silk afterwards! It comes free with Total Bleach but I believe you can buy it separately in a larger tube. It is by far the best hair mask I've discovered as of yet!

One of my clothing favourites at the moment is my funnel scarf from ASOS which is unbelievably warm! Paired with my Topshop boyfriend coat, it makes for a warm outfit on the coldest of days.