A Night In Paris - DEBRA


is a national charity, based in the UK, that supports families and individuals that have been affected by EB. EB


Epidermolysis Bullosa)

is a group of genetic disorders that result in the fragility of the skin and occasionally membranes and organs as well. People who have the disorder can blister, get sores or burn at the slightest touch which makes going about daily tasks even more difficult.  It can be fatal to infants and there are estimated to be around 5,000 people in the UK who have it. There is no currently known cure for it.

DEBRA is an amazing organisation that provides support to those who have been affected be EB, through means such as provisions of nurses, social care and vital funding for research into the disorder. 

It is truly heartbreaking to see pictures of those affected as children are unable to go about normal activities for fear of damaging their skin.

To raise money for DEBRA, there is a charity event happening on the 22nd of February at The Palace Hotel on Oxford Road with the theme 'A Night in Paris'. The night features a champagne reception, French cuisine, a catwalk and market stalls. Tickets cost £25 so head over to their facebook page for more information: