A Night of Pampering

Everyone needs a night of pampering every so often, whether its after a long week or you're too cold to function; a bath and cup of tea can work wonders.

I've never been a massive fan of baths up until recently when I moved back to the UK. In Asia it was far too hot to ever contemplate sitting in stagnant boiling water that was warmer that the temperature outside, but after all the gale-force winds and stormy weather Manchester has been subject to, there is nothing more enticing than the thought of a bath, preferably with bubbles and a bath bomb.

I've been on a bit of a January health kick (bar the entire pack of jammy dodgers I accidentally ate the other night) so have forgone my usual daily latte and copious amounts of tea and switched to hot chocolate. Now, before you go off on me about it not being 'healthy', I've fallen head over heels for Options hot chocolate which is less than 40 calories a cup (bear in mind that I use a stonking great massive Cath Kidston mug) plus they are the creamiest hot chocolates I've ever had that is water based. 

Another thing I'm obsessed with is face masks, but mind you, not the pricey ones. I love the ones that are less than £1 and smell good enough to eat - the ones that are in individual satchets from Boots or Superdrug (You know what I mean?). Whack one of these on and have a good long soak, candles lit for ambience obviously, and a mug of hot chocolate and you're good to go! Plug in your iPod if that helps. 

But the best part, is that when you're done, you get to slather yourself in body butter, curl up in your pyjamas and sit in front of the telly which is my idea of a perfect night.
Ellie Dickinson