Festival Fashion: Coachella (Weekend 1)

If you're on any social networks whatsoever, in particular, instagram and twitter, you'll probably know that the first weekend of Coachella has just finished. Coachella is renowned for its outrageous fashion to the extent where for some it is more about how they look than the actual music aspect of the festival! Nonetheless, celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Laura Whitmore all turned up ready to impress, and impress they did.

However, whilst some did choose to wear bindis, something I don't necessarily approve of, the rest of their outfits looked amazing (bar that nose ring that Kendall Jenner wore on Sunday. Not a good look for anyone!). 

Festivals are some of the highlights of the year and one day, one day I shall go to Glastonbury even if I'm old and wrinkly. But unlike Glastonbury which is notorious for being muddy and wet, Coachella was hot and dry which actually gave those attending a much wider breadth as to what they could wear - I didn't see a single pair of wellies! 

My favourite look has to be Vanessa Hudgens as she always looks phenomenal - taking her usual bohemian look to new extremes, although I would love the look just as much without the bindi. However, Daisy Lowe also looked amazing despite recent circumstances and the death of Peaches Geldof, my favourite outfit of hers being the evening of Day 3, the high waisted jeans and flannel shirt combination which is something I would deem perfect for festivals!

Did you have any favourites?