Make Up Crush: Lou Teasdale

Lou Teasdale has to be one of my all time favourite make up artists.

Recently, I've been loving a more grungy look - think Kara Rose Marshall and Suki Waterhouse - and Lou Teasdale is simply fantastic at making this happen. Despite her being the makeup artist for One Direction, her new book The Craft shows that she is talented and by no means limited to stage makeup for boys.

Her book came out yesterday (April 1st) and it was no april fools day joke as it has finally filled a void; a makeup book for girls who are more alternative. There are very few books out there (actually, I know of none) which provide frank and honest tips on achieving that just-rolled-out-of-bed look and turning your hair that wondrously coveted violet without looking like a 70year old who has just had her monthly blue rinse. The graphics are phenomenal and exactly the kind of thing I'm loving at the moment - bring, garish and almost tacky - but its brilliant.

Lou looked phenomenal at the event, her hair was powder pink with multicoloured streaks and goodness, I wish I could have pulled it off. I'm in love with her Markus Lupfer dress which fit everything about the book launch to a tee. 

I know this is a rambling post but I am so excited to finally get my hands on the book so watch this space as there will be a book review coming up shortly.