March Favourites: Revlon, Kajal and Beachy Hair

Hello hello hello! I've never actually done a proper proper, legitimate favourites post but these are all things that I've either rediscovered or have been introduced to and then have consecutively fallen in love with. 

Here goes.

The first thing on my list which I've actually adored since December is my Zara perfume in 'Floral'. It was £9.99. It smells phenomenal. I love everything about it. The bottle is absolutely massive which is wonderful as I hate using perfume I love for fear of finishing it and not being able to afford another one, but ladies, I've been using this daily since December 17th and have barely made a dent in it. Well worth the incredible price of £9.99. 

Then we have face masks. I adore face masks, it may be a placebo type thing but it really does something to me having to sit still with gooey stuff on my face. It's somewhat therapeutic. I picked up these quite recently as Boots were having a 3 for 2 deal and low and behold, these ended up into my shopping basket! Mud based masks are a particular favourite of mine as I love how much they tighten my skin - the Mudd one is a brilliant buy as it's multiuse and then I don't worry about not using a full little satchet. It smells diving and looks like proper mud! I've never used a Simple mask before despite my adoration of their skincare line but the Deep Cleansing mask is brilliant. To be honest, it looks a lot like a moisturiser and I did query whether I had picked up the wrong bottle but it is incredibly hydrating which was very much necessary during the colder months where my cheeks seemed to get chapped! 

Kajal is a traditional Indian, I believe, type of eyeliner which to someone outside of that culture, looks a bit like a pointy black lipstick. It helps create a phenomenal smoky eye look as it does the smudging for you. Kajal is so much softer than kohl that it sort of just melts into your eye in the best possible sense and helps provide a grungy type look. 

Beachy waves are a look I covet. If you have beachy waves, I will almost certainly ask you how you got your hair to look like that, I love them. And Toni & Guy have several products that I am head over heels for - their basic salt spray and their beach curl spray. The beach curl spray does what it says on the bottle, gives a curl, and to be honest whilst it does make my hair feel crunchy and dry, it saves me using heat. The salt spray is a salt spray, separates the hair and gives a bit of volume. Love it.

And the final favourite of this month, my Revlon Lacquer Balm in Femme Fatale. Now, this was a bit of a freebie as a dear friend of mine and I were in Boots and she only wanted two things and told me that I could have her free item (it was 3 for 2) so I grabbed one. I did test it, but didn't pay too much attention to the colour as its not one I normally wear - it is very pink but I love it. I feel like I use the word love far too much.

Oh well.

What are some of your favourites for this month?