The Merits of Kajal

For those of you that haven't yet seen my March favourites post, Kajal is one of my ultimate buys for the month. Kajal is basically eyeliner that looks a little bit like black pointy lipstick and has a similar texture to it as well, making it much softer and therefore blendable (if thats a word) than your standard kohl eyeliner.

I adore it, and love the effortless smoky eye look that it helps accomplish. 

If you're looking for a tube of it, Barry M has released their own version but there are numerous versions available for less than a fiver on ebay! The best ones, however, can be found at Asian beauticians in places such as Longsight or Levenshulme (If you're in Manchester) as kajal is traditionally South Asian. 

The one I use is from a brand called Saffron - you can find it on Amazon