Who's That Girl? Summer Essentials Goddiva Wishlist

Oh how I wish that shopping was a career option for yours truly but unfortunately, it isn't and I'm forced to lust after items of clothing that shall unfortunately never end up in my wardrobe.

Goddiva is a brand that I'm currently head over heels for, and have fallen particularly in love with their dresses which are ideal for summer (especially with the heat wave that has been happening!). As a self confessed girly girl, I believe that owning at least one summer dress is an absolute essential and I'm completely in love with the Off Shoulder Large Floral Lace Double Layer Dress (bottom left on the picture). Off the shoulder dresses are particularly flattering as they don't emphasise the arms yet are still feminine, without being too racy and I love this one! The blue pattern reminds me of the china dishes my gran used to display on her dresser and I love it! 

I am a proud owner of a kimono style jacket and they seem to be cropping up everywhere. They are absolutely perfect for warm weather as they act as a jacket yet aren't too hot to wear! Plus they go with everything, particularly denim shorts! Wear them over a loose fitting cami top, a pair of denim shorts and some converse for a perfect summer outfit. The Goddiva damask print tassel kimono jacket is everything I could ask for in a kimono - the print not too flowery whilst it still has those coveted tassels.

Despite my love of a more relaxed look, there is nothing more I love than putting on a button down shirt, or throwing on a more formal peplum dress and personally believe that a nice collared yet feminine shirt is an essential - you can dress it up or down! The Eye Lash Lace Insert Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse is perfect for that as the slightly sheer material adds a wonderful sense of femininity! Roll up the sleeves and tuck the shirt into a pair of denim shorts for a more relaxed summery look.

A massive trend this summer is pencil skirts which can be both formal and casual, depending on the top. The LACE PENCIL SKIRT is perfect for either occasion. Wear it with one of the cute peplum bralets you can get in Topshop for a more relaxed evening look; perfect for drinks with the girls.

If you've been following me from the very beginning you'll know that I have a strong love of maxi dresses - the perfect summer dress if you're not into showing much skin! Goddiva's Deep V Knotted Front Floral Maxi Dress is perfect - the bright colours remind me of a summers day plus the style of the dress is incredibly flattering! Now, the maxi dress section on Goddiva also has a gorgeous Maxi Off-Shoulder Lace Dress in the style of Brooklyn Decker which is absolutely stunning. I love black lace in general but especially love the maxi length ace overlay which means I'm not showing too much skin! Perfect for a cocktail party or an evening event. 

What are your favourites from Goddiva?