Bodies. Lumps, Bumps and Cellulite

Lack of body confidence is something that every girl can hand on heart say they've suffered with and I am definitely someone who has struggled with this for a good length of time because no matter how good I think I look when I leave the house, there is always someone who looks better and plants that tricky seed of self doubt.

The number of times I've seen girls with toned completely flat stomachs, skinny legs and amazing bone structure is irritating and on a daily basis I'm exposed to images like the one above. Tanned, toned and ridiculously airbrushed. Because they are airbrushed. Victoria's Secret models may look flawless in their ad campaigns, but on the runway there are still hints of cellulite, wrinkles and imperfections that are typically hidden in their ad campaigns.

It probably doesn't help that everywhere you look theres a new diet pill, or a bikini body special on Heat or a Cosmo tweet on diets - it really gets into your head. But the reality is, that the everyday person who can't afford a nutritionalist, a dietician, a personal chef and a personal trainer will never actually look like these models who have been further retouched.

Retouching is an issue I was faced with a couple of days ago where I took some pictures wearing a playsuit and my skin wasn't as smooth as I desired - and I had to decide whether I fire up photoshop or just deal with it. I dealt with it.

But the point of this post is that everyone is different and you can't compare yourself to someone as they don't have the same genes as you! Stay strong, reassure yourself and dress for your body type - theres nothing worse than ill fitting clothes!

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